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Announcing ADCx India

ADCx India is a three day meet-up for audio developers combining Music Hack Day India and a one-day Audio Developer Conference pop-up.

Music Hack Day India is an in-person event taking place on January 5th & 6th, 2024 at Bangalore International Centre in Bengaluru, followed by ADCx India main event which is a hybrid in-person and online event which will take place on January 7th 2024 at the same venue.
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ADCx Hybrid In-Person & Online

Designed to be a one-day audio developer conference pop-up, ADCx is a hybrid in-person and online event. Our first ADCx event occurred on May 15th in San Francisco, and we are very excited to present to you ADCx India.

ADCx will include a full day of audio developer talks and networking events. All ADCx talks will be given in-person and will be streamed to online attendees.

In-person attendees will require an ADCx India ticket to attend. Online viewing of the presentations will be free and made available via the @audiodevcon YouTube channel.

BIC Auditorium

Music Hack Day India

Music Hack Day India is a community-driven event where we invite programmers, artists, makers, academics and innovators to come together to ideate, develop and demo their vision of music technology’s future. Hacks are not restricted to the medium of the software (mobile, web, desktop) or hardware (new instruments, modifications to existing ones) and are open to pushing the boundaries of music and technology. The Music Hack Day India will include networking opportunities, workshops, performances, prizes and more.

ADCx Programme

Talks at ADCx range from audio research to professional practices, to standards in audio development, as well as talks about application areas and career development. Experimental projects are welcome. We are seeking a balance between deeply technical talks aimed at experts as well as more accessible talks that may be of interest to students and new developers.

ADCx talks are shorter (18 minutes) than full ADC conference talks allowing for a variety of topics and speakers during the one-day event. 

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Topics include, but are not limited, to:

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Audio synthesis and analysis
  • Music technology, DAWs, audio plug-ins
  • Game audio
  • 3D and VR/AR audio
  • Generative AI for audio applications
  • Creative coding
  • Other applications of audio programming (e.g. telecommunications, multimedia, medicine, biology)
  • Design and evaluation of audio software and hardware systems
  • Programming languages used for audio development (e.g. C++, Rust, Python)
  • Software development tools, techniques, and processes
  • Performance, optimisation, and parallelisation
  • Audio development on mobile platforms
  • Embedded, Linux, and bare metal audio programming
  • Low-latency and real-time programming
  • Best practices in audio programming
  • Testing and QA
  • Educational approaches and tools for audio and DSP programming
  • Planning and navigating a career as an audio developer
  • Other relevant topics likely to be of interest to the ADC audience
Submit a Talk to ADCx India

Important Dates

  • 1 Sep 2023: Talk proposal submissions begin
  • 22 Sep 2023: Deadline for submitting talks
  • 28 Sep 2023: Notification of acceptance
  • 2 Oct 2023: Early bird registration begins
  • 2 Oct 2023: Call for diversity grant applications
  • 9 Oct 2023: Programme announcement
  • 16 Oct 2023: Diversity grant application deadline
  • 18 Oct 2023: Notification of Diversity grant acceptances
  • 20 Oct 2023: Early bird registration ends
  • 5 Jan 2024: Music Hack Day India - Day 1
  • 6 Jan 2024: Music Hack Day India - Day 2
  • 7 Jan 2024: ADCx India - Main Event

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