Open Mic Night - Submit your Proposal!

Back by popular demand is ADC's Open Mic Night! The ADC Open Mic Night is a fun, informal evening with lightning talks, music performances, and some impromptu standup comedy. Whether attending in-person or virtually, you can contribute to the Open Mic night with a 5 minute talk or performance!


  • When: Wednesday 16th November 2022
  • What Time: 19:30 -21:00
  • Where: CodeNode - CTRL


  • When: Tuesday, 15th November 2022
  • What Time: 18:30 - 10:00
  • Where: Gather Space (Not Zoom)

How do I apply?


When do submissions end?

Submissions will close once spots are full!

How will I know if my submission has been accepted?

You will be notified whether your submission has been accepted (potentially at very short notice)

What if I go over the 5 minute mark?

All contributions are strictly limited to 5 minutes (you will be cut off if you run over!)

What should I contribute?

Your contribution can be anything you like – a lightning talk with slides, a musical performance, or a standup comedy gig! We suggest you keep it fun and informal, in line with the spirit of the event 🙂

How will you communicate with me about the event if I am chosen?

We use the ADC'22 Discord server for instant messaging to coordinate things, so please provide a Discord handle. You'll receive an invite to the ADC'22 Discord server before the start of the conference.

Will I be recorded?

No. Open Mic Night will not be recorded, published, or streamed online.

I have a question...

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]

Virtual Tickets Still Available for ADC 2022

We are grateful for the overwhelming interest in the Hybrid Audio Developer Conference this year, and have announced that in-person tickets have officially sold-out. Tickets to the virtual conference are still available.

The Virtual Conference Ticket not only gives you access to a LIVE STREAM of the 60+ talks from the conference, it also gives you:

Not Your Average Zoom Call

The ADC Team has taken great steps to create a memorable and meaningful online experience for our attendees. All virtual conference goers will have the option to create an avatar, and enter our gamified Audio Developer Conference Hall. As your avatar moves closer to other attendees, a video will fade in based on proximity, and show you the live person on the other end. Just like in a real conference, you can walk past people, and say hello.

LIVE Video Interface

Looking to have a private conversation or interview with another attendee? Private areas for talking are also available. Features such as the "chat" and "locator" buttons allow you to find and interact with people in a variety of ways.

Volunteers will be available within the platform to help ensure that you can find your way.

Virtual Conference Room Connects to Live Talks

Talks can be accessed via conference halls, where avatars can "sit down" and connect to the live-streamed talk.

Virtual Expo Hall

Our sponsors, have worked hard to "set up a booth" in our Virtual Expo Hall. Online attendees can visit these booths, interact and demo different products, view job posts and meet exhibitors.

If you missed the chance to secure in-person tickets, don't miss the opportunity to join online. Virtual tickets are available for an affordable price starting at £49 (approximately $56 US).

Committed to Accessibility

The Audio Developer Conference is committed to providing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our conference.

In this article, we will explore some of our accessibility initiatives for this year's conference including:

Will You Be Next? : A Panel on Accessibility (Online and In-Person)

This ADC22 session, hosted by music producer, audio engineer and accessibility consultant Jason Dasent, brings together key players from across the music industry, all with a passion for accessibility. The event will take the form of a discussion panel focusing on the current state of accessibility as it relates to music technology, as well as how we can work together to take it to the next level.

Jason Dasent: Owner, Studio Jay Recording
Quintin Balsdon: Software Engineer - Accessibility, Spotify
Mary-Alice Stack: Chief Executive, Creative United
James Cunningham: Queen's University, Belfast
Grace Capaldi: Director, Grinning Dog Records/Echotown Studio
Harry Morley: Software Developer, Focusrite

Topics that will be covered include:

The event will culminate in a 20-minute performance, showing the latest in accessible music tech from keyboards to groove stations, to a fully accessible mixing system.

Accessibility Zone

Throughout the ADC22 conference, in-person attendees* are encouraged to visit the “Will You Be Next?” Accessibility Zone, where they can meet software engineers and managers from a variety of companies who are all already involved in accessible music tech. Visitors to the Accessibility Zone will be invited to get hands-on with all the accessible equipment that will be on display. Attendees will also be able to experience music production from recording to mastering, all with accessible equipment.

Accessibility Zone Schedule

Tuesday morning
10.55 – 11.15 Demo with Quinton Balsdon, Software Engineer – Accessibility, Spotify Design

Tuesday lunch
13.00  Welcome from Jason Dasent & Sophie Carus
13.05 – 13.20 Demo with Eleonora Dolif, Audiomodeling
13.25 – 13.40 Demo with Harry Morley & Cain McCormack, Focusrite

Tuesday afternoon
16.00 – 16.15 Demo with Sam Butler & Francois Quereuil, AVID

Wednesday lunch
13.00 – 13.15 Demo with Pierre Pfister, Arturia
13.20 – 13.35 Demo with Patrik Holmstrom, Softube
13.40 – 13.50 Demo with Tom Poole, JUCE

Wednesday afternoon
16.00 – 16.15 Demo with Adil Ghanty, Native Instruments (edited)

*online conference attendees will have access to the Will You Be Next Panel? Some of the presentations in the Accessibility Zone will be recorded and available for on-demand playback during the conference.

Continuously Improving Accessibility

Please join us in our ongoing commitment to improve accessibility at the Audio Developer Conference and in software and hardware development in the audio developer community. This year, our virtual conference platform Gather, was evaluated by ICAD (International Community For Auditory Display). Additionally, we partnered with Jason Dasent to create an Accessibility Zone for conference goers to experience the latest advancements in audio hardware and software. We hope to continuously present opportunities for education, collaboration and advancement in accessibility.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact: [email protected]

GPU Audio Training Lab at ADC

GPU Audio is proud to deliver three notable events at ADC this year, including an immersive Training Lab titled "Solving GPU Audio Processing Challenges" available to in-person and virtual attendees. As an ADC22 Gold Sponsor, GPU Audio will also participate in the conference by presenting two additional talks:

GPU Audio Training Lab

Off the back of their hugely popular workshops at the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, GPU Audio will be showcasing their patented next-generation software to ADC attendees in a 3 hour hands-on ‘Training Lab’, offering a look behind the technology which puts the tech at the cutting edge of DSP. They’ll also be offering two talks during the show; with a technical talk from Andrés Ezequiel Viso and Rumen Angelov (two key developers of the tech), and insight into the company's vision for the future from its CEO, Sasha Talashov and CBDO, Jonathan Rowden.  

Support form NVIDIA, Apple and AMD

GPU Audio has garnered significant attention from (and official partnerships with) some of the biggest tech giants in the world including AMD, NVIDIA and Apple - with their software being developed in collaboration with their respective technical teams. GPU Audio have since rolled out support for a wealth of NVIDIA graphics cards as well as AMD GPUs which Illustrate the ability to deliver incredibly low latency results on a host of architectures - subsequently leading them to collaborate with Apple, for their long-awaited Mac OS support, coming in November 2022. 

“ADC is thrilled to partner with GPU Audio and the NVidia Deep Learning Institute to provide a unique training lab for this year’s Audio Developer Conference. I can only imagine that the audio developer community will be eager to hear about GPU Audio’s advances in parallel processing for audio on GPU cores.”

Bobby Lombardi, ADC General Chair

The first milestone for the company this year was the release of the free FIR Convolution Reverb which came out in March and demonstrated GPU Audio’s intention to usher in a paradigm-shifting new wave of audio technology for everyone with a graphics card. Their presence at the NAMM show in LA demonstrated this innovative plugin and their desire to develop further plugins using the technology. 

GPU Audio have announced an SDK is also in development and will be released before the end of the year, allowing 3rd party software developers to access their patented technology. They’ve signed multiple contracts for plugin developers already and have announced the first collaboration with Mach1, a forward thinking Spatial Audio specialist. 

In early October, GPU Audio unveiled the first instalment of a Beta Suite of plugins with the Modulation Bundle. This collection of plugins features a Chorus, a Flanger, and a Phaser, and initiates their Beta-Suite collection of professional level audio plugins, all powered by your GPU. Look out for more bundles soon! 

Information on Getting a Ticket

This year’s ADC conference will take place in-person in London, and also virtually, November 14-16. GPU’s Workshop will be available both online and in-person. The in-person conference has recently SOLD OUT, however, spots are still available for the online portion.

For more information on how you can get an exclusive spot at the GPU Workshop visit, for ticket information!

For more information on GPU Audio, visit

Join us at the Audio Developer Conference

Join Us for the Audio Developer Conference!

The 8th Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC) will take place this year in person (London) and online! The event will occur November 14-16, 2022.

November 14: Workshops (in-person)

November 15-16: Conference (in-person and online)

ADC is an annual developer community event celebrating all audio technologies from music applications and game audio to audio processing and embedded systems. ADC’s mission is to help attendees acquire and develop new skills and build a network of people that will support their career

development. It is also aimed at showcasing academic research and facilitating collaborations

between research and industry. It is the largest event of its kind.

Program Highlights


Keynotes and talks will cover a wide range of topics and will be presented both in-person and online. We are excited to present this year’s Keynotes:

The Musical Instruments of Star Trek by Astrid Bin

Incompleteness is a Feature Not a Bug by David Zicarelli

Talk abstracts were submitted during the ADC Call for Papers earlier this year. Paper proposals were evaluated using a community voting process in which members of the community voted on the talks they most wanted to see. 

Some of the most anticipated talks include:

Point to Point Modeling: An Automatic Circuit Solving Library by Eric Tarr

Thread Synchronisation in Real-time Audio Processing with RCU (Read-Copy-Update) by Timur Doumler

CHOC: Why Can’t I Stop Writing Libraries or Using Backronyms by Julian Storer

Workshops will take place at the beginning of the conference on Monday November 14 and occur in person at the conference hall. Workshops will allow attendees to experience hands-on sessions with audio industry leaders. We are pleased to add that our GPU Audio and Dynamic Cast workshops will be streamed live to our online attendees. 

Highlights of this year’s workshops include:

Practical Digital Signal Processing and Practical Software with Dynamic Cast

Solving GPU Audio Processing Challenges, Parallelizing DSp Algorithms and Executing for Real-Time Offline Rendering with GPU Audio

Generating Audio Code with Max/MSAP with Cycling ’74 

View the full ADC22 Schedule for a full list of talks and speaker descriptions.

All ADC 2022 keynotes, panels, and talks will be available to all attendees. In-person sessions will be broadcast live to online attendees and online sessions will be broadcast into the venue. ADC Workshops take place on the first day of the conference (November 14) and will require the Workshops Day Add-on ticket for attendance. Learn more information on how to purchase a ticket.