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For us, the only way to make the best Audio products is by working with skilled engineers who are passionate about what we do. So when we find each other, we go to great lengths to make things happen and are flexible about work location as well as offer visa/relocation support. For this reason, members of our team do their work from all kinds of places around the world.

Our careers page is Even if you don't see a suitable position on the website, send your CV to [email protected] and let us know what you can bring to our team. We are constantly hiring, so chances are we might be looking for someone with your skills sometime soon.

JUCE Software Developer

JUCE is the leading framework for developing cross-platform audio applications. It is used by some of the world’s leading tech companies as well as educational institutions, start-ups, and bedroom hobbyists.

We are looking for a new member of the JUCE team, where you will be responsible for planning and introducing new features, keeping pace with underlying changes in operating systems and platforms, and supporting and empowering the community of developers creating JUCE-based software. This role has a very wide remit, across multiple different operating systems, audio plug-in formats and hosts, from low level operations on bits and bytes up to software packaging and distribution, with plenty of scope for personal development.

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Sonnox is an established, award-winning audio plugin and software company based in rural Oxfordshire. Since 2007, we've continued to obsess over creating intuitive products for modern musicians, engineers, producers and mastering engineers. 

While we're grateful for our heritage, we're innovating for our future; solving time-consuming and creativity-sapping workflow problems in a focused and straightforward way. Rather than use technology to hide the complexities of these universal problems, we aim to reveal, educate and inspire their solving, helping our customers make more confident and informed decisions.

​We're a small, dynamic, motivated team passionate about audio and related technologies, looking for talented and self-motivated people to join us.

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