Cornflower: a Cross-platform, List-based, Real-time Composition Environment for Mobile


Cornflower - a mobile, audio-app prototype - is designed following the principle of what I call Sp/ARC - i.e. Specification and Audiation in Real-time Composition. It is meant to function as an improvisatory composition and recording environment.

The presentation will focus on the following:

- The interaction between Specification and Audiation in live coding
- The motivation for creating a personalised mobile composition and performance software
- The influence of other music programming and performance software
- The search for an appropriate framework to build the software
- The importance of visual aesthetics
- My response to user input in terms of features included and excluded
- The importance of the constraints built into the app’s design for fostering a productive creative experience
- The constraints imposed by the mobile platform and the issue of multiple form factors and hardware responsivity
- The role of physical modelling and timbre in the app experience
- General conclusions about mobile audio software development and hopes for the future

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