Creative Coding in Rust: Building a Generative Music App With Nannou


Over the last few years, Rust has made leaps and bounds in establishing itself as a viable alternative to C++ for real-time audiovisual applications. [Nannou]( is a creative coding framework which aims to provide a beginner-friendly, batteries-included experience for coders and artists alike, and enable them to take advantage of the performance, expressive power, and safety guarantees of Rust.

Creative coding is the act of writing computer programs in order to create something expressive rather than something purely functional: works of art, design, architecture, or even fashion. It includes creating or manipulating images, interfacing with sensors and motors, generating musical compositions, controlling lights and lasers, and creating long-running interactive art installations, just to name a few. Nannou provides the tools to accomplish all of the above, and more.

In this talk I will give a high-level introduction to Nannou, explain the anatomy of a typical Nannou application, and walk through the process of building a simple generative music application from scratch.

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