Exploring JavaScript Hacks for Modern Electronic Music Production


Can a text-driven interface replace and improve over DAW workflows, without sacrificing quality ? If DAW primitives were provided as building material to the musician, how easy is it for musicians to program their own workflow ?

The talk will explore things I have discovered while building bitrhythm, a tiny IDE for making music using tone.js and javascript libraries. I will talk about my frustrations with existing DAWs and how using javascript can make electronic music production approachable. There will be some music theory and live demos of techno/lofi/dnb (like this) that will be deconstructed. I will be showcasing the following ideas:

- Music Loop with Eval
- Using observers to control samples and web audio nodes
- Using hexadecimals and binary for a compact sequencer notation
- Timers and arrays for dynamic automation
- Side chain any parameter with code
- Build your own UI
- Get a VJ for free by using butterchurn and p5
- Use state to compose notes relative to other notes
- Use reminders for cuepoints
- Melody is just a constraint
- Fit a song inside a url parameter and share tracks
- Simplify sample use with urls
- Your DAW is cool, but does it have version control ?

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