Immersive Sound for Electric Guitar: Further Developments of the GASP Project


The GASP project ‘Guitars with Ambisonic Spatial Performance’ investigates the design and realisation of an Immersive Guitar System. Few instruments exist that make use of spatial sound production.

GASP is an ongoing research project, where our interest in Ambisonic algorithmic research and guitar sound production is combined with off the shelf hardware and bespoke software. It is an innovative audio project, fusing the musical with the technical, combining individual string timbralisation with Ambisonic immersive sound. See:

For Ambisonic playback or monitoring, the audio is typically heard over a ring of eight (or more) loudspeakers, or alternatively over headphones using binaural reproduction, which includes future applications for Virtual Reality platforms.

Our more recent work investigates live performance applications in small or large format concert systems with Dolby Atmos.

Further information at: ‘ 2021. GASP – Guitars With Ambisonic Spatial Performance [online].’

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