Optimizing Pulsar Train Synthesis for Live Performance


This presentation demonstrates the innovations necessary for an ideal use of pulsar synthesis in live performance. The study is applied towards **Pulsar**, a VST3/AU/Stand-Alone pulsar synthesizer tailored for live performance and user control.

Pulsar synthesis has been implemented in many Electro-Acoustic works, including some by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Iannis Xenakis, Barry Truax, and Curtis Roads. Each composer accomplished pulsar synthesis with varied methods of analog and digital synthesis, but none of these methods have been optimized for live performance.

**Pulsar** balances a stripped down interface with the parameter trajectories essential to pulsar synthesis. **Pulsar** is available as VST3/AU/Stand-Alone, and is readily integrated into Digital Audio Workstations.

Optimizing pulsar synthesis for live performance will not replace the alternative, but instead push the aesthetic of Micro-Sound to develop a new dimension.

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