With the world’s rapid advancement in technology and audio over the past decade, it is no surprise that the law is constantly changing and adapting to accommodate for new situations which push the legal boundaries.

In this panel, a group of highly respected technology, audio, and legal experts will explore the interplay between their respective fields. Topics such as the moral quandaries of AIs future in the music industry as a creative device, the legal implications of vocal-recognition software, and much more will be discussed. We will also discuss how these fields influence each other’s future prospects and answer any questions the audience may have.

So, whether you are an experienced legal veteran, an aspiring musician, or just interested in our subjects, please come join us!

Moderator: Heather Rafter, Rafter Marsh
Chris Cooke, Managing Director, 3CM Unlimited
Alexander Wankhammer, Co-founder & CMO, sonible
Jay LeBoeuf, Head of Business & Corporate Development, Descript

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