Quantum Sequencer: from Prototype to VCV Plug-in


Quantum computing is exciting, from challenging our ideas about the physical world to promising revolutionary applications. But how can audio developers exploit these opportunities?
This talk will present the creation of a quantum plug-in. We'll cover quantum computing, explaining seemingly counter-intuitive phenomena. Any maths required to explore this topic will be kept to a minimum.
Then, we'll switch to a product design perspective, developing our newfound module: a sequencer with real-time controls for the virtual modular environment VCV.
Afterwards, we will explore quantum addition via the quantum equivalents of bitwise operators (xor, and).
Going over to the implementation, we will plan and simulate a quantum circuit. Changes in probability amplitudes can be calculated and viewed in a three-dimensional representation of the multi-qubit statevector, which aids understanding.
Finally, we will port the prototype to a real-time VCV audio plug-in in C++.
Attendees should leave with a better understanding of quantum mechanics. In addition, they will see the development of a complete VCV plugin, from ideation to design, a prototype, and finally a working real-time product.

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