REPL REPL - a New Interface for Algorithmic Music


Thorsten Sideb0ard is a Scottish/American programmer working within computational art.
While living in London during the 2000s he worked at, regularly hosted music events, and ran the record-/netlabels Highpoint Lowlife and Now living in San Francisco, he has a monthly radio show and runs the annual Algorithmic Art Assembly conference and music festival, working with Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. He is involved with the live coding and algorave communities, working on his own live coding audio REPL “Soundb0ard”, and has an album forthcoming on Broken20.

Soundb0ard is a REPL and live coding language for making algorithmic music.
It contains several synthesizers and effects, plus a live coding environment to manipulate these sound generators.

In this talk Thorsten will cover the evolution of the tool and its architecture, demonstrating the synthesis capabilities and the extent of the custom programming language which can be used to manipulate and control the flow and sound.

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