SSL: How to stand the test of time (despite the time it takes to test)

From ground-breaking large-format audio production consoles to home production and bedroom studios, Solid State Logic, now part of the Audiotonix group, are one of the world's leading manufacturers of creative tools for music, live sound, and broadcast.

But with such a broad range of products, there's a million things to test. From our HQ in the Oxfordshire countryside, we perform tests that range from validating thousands of audio routes and clocking configurations in complex hardware-software-firmware systems, to end-to-end plug-in tests that must be validated across many different test environments (thanks Apple!). That's a big checklist.

This talk will include a bit of history about SSL and describe our journey in adapting to the ever-growing requirements of all corners of the industry - from ye olde pen and paper, to spreadsheets, to (glorious) automation and dedicated testing applications.

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