Ryan (Artie) Devens is a software developer and owner of
Recluse-Audio. Hailing from the frozen north of Minnesota, Ryan has
always been an obsessive recluse. This obsession has culminated in
his software and in his compositional output. Ryan’s software
prioritizes touchable interfaces with unobscured parameter states,
emphasizing the living personality of digital instruments. His music
ranges from the Electro-Acoustic to what might be considered Doom Pop,
and always incorporates technology.

Ryan attended post-graduate studies at Georgia Southern University in
pursuit of a M.M. of Music Technology. Here he was humbled by the
foundations of interactive media, post modernist aesthetics, and
course audio programming. His advisor Dr. John Thompson was a pupil
of the legendary Curtis Roads, and thus the studies of Roads and UC
Santa Barbara have given Ryan a deep interest in micro sound,
granular, and pulsar synthesis.

Ryan is dedicated to environmentalism, collectivism, and kindness
towards others. He recognizes that these goals are never fully
accomplished and demand a lifetime of effort to maintain.

[email protected]
Raw Material Software Limited
5 Technology Park, Colindeep Lane
United Kingdom
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