Stefan Stenzel joined Waldorf Electronics in the 90s and soon became Director of R&D. He introduced digital signal processing to the company, which previously relied on third party ASICs and analog technology. He contributed to projects like the Waldorf Wave, Microwave 2 and Q, and provided concepts for many synthesizers like Pulse, Blofeld, Streichfett and STVC, to name just a few. In 2006, after the bankruptcy of Waldorf Electronics, he co-founded Waldorf Music GmbH and became CEO and CTO. He left the company in 2017 and now works as consultant and development contractor for various companies. As part of his research, Stefan developed some novel and unique algorithms for audio signal processing, some of those part of actual products. Inspired by a folder on his hard drive with various variations of vocoders, he came up with the idea to present a talk about vocoder taxonomy.

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