Join us at the Audio Developer Conference

Join Us for the Audio Developer Conference!

The 8th Annual Audio Developer Conference (ADC) will take place this year in person (London) and online! The event will occur November 14-16, 2022.

November 14: Workshops (in-person)

November 15-16: Conference (in-person and online)

ADC is an annual developer community event celebrating all audio technologies from music applications and game audio to audio processing and embedded systems. ADC’s mission is to help attendees acquire and develop new skills and build a network of people that will support their career

development. It is also aimed at showcasing academic research and facilitating collaborations

between research and industry. It is the largest event of its kind.

Program Highlights


Keynotes and talks will cover a wide range of topics and will be presented both in-person and online. We are excited to present this year’s Keynotes:

The Musical Instruments of Star Trek by Astrid Bin

Incompleteness is a Feature Not a Bug by David Zicarelli

Talk abstracts were submitted during the ADC Call for Papers earlier this year. Paper proposals were evaluated using a community voting process in which members of the community voted on the talks they most wanted to see. 

Some of the most anticipated talks include:

Point to Point Modeling: An Automatic Circuit Solving Library by Eric Tarr

Thread Synchronisation in Real-time Audio Processing with RCU (Read-Copy-Update) by Timur Doumler

CHOC: Why Can’t I Stop Writing Libraries or Using Backronyms by Julian Storer

Workshops will take place at the beginning of the conference on Monday November 14 and occur in person at the conference hall. Workshops will allow attendees to experience hands-on sessions with audio industry leaders. We are pleased to add that our GPU Audio and Dynamic Cast workshops will be streamed live to our online attendees. 

Highlights of this year’s workshops include:

Practical Digital Signal Processing and Practical Software with Dynamic Cast

Solving GPU Audio Processing Challenges, Parallelizing DSp Algorithms and Executing for Real-Time Offline Rendering with GPU Audio

Generating Audio Code with Max/MSAP with Cycling ’74 

View the full ADC22 Schedule for a full list of talks and speaker descriptions.

All ADC 2022 keynotes, panels, and talks will be available to all attendees. In-person sessions will be broadcast live to online attendees and online sessions will be broadcast into the venue. ADC Workshops take place on the first day of the conference (November 14) and will require the Workshops Day Add-on ticket for attendance. Learn more information on how to purchase a ticket.

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