Panels at ADC22

Workshop Panel: Audio Industry Health Check: A conversation on the current state of the Audio Industry and where it may be headed to next.

Panelists: Pete Goodliffe, Angus Hewlett, Rebekah Wilson, Anna Wszeborowska

Come join us and listen to our fireside chat-style panel with audio software and hardware industry leaders as we explore the current state of the audio industry.

This panel will explore some of the key challenges in audio software and hardware development today as well as new technologies and trends that are shaping and/or disrupting its future.

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Panel: Tabs or Spaces

Panelists: David Rowland and Julian Storer

A group of opinionated expert programmers will argue over the right and wrong answers to a selection of programming questions which have no right or wrong answers.

We'll aim to cover a wide range of topics such as: use of locks, exceptions, polymorphism, microservices, OOP, functional paradigms, open and closed source, repository methodologies, languages, textual style and tooling.

The aim of the session is to demonstrate that there is often no clear-cut best-practice for many development topics, and to set an example of how to examine problems from multiple viewpoints.

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Panel: Accessibility: Will You Be Next?

Panelists: Jason Dasent, Quintin Balsdon, Mary-Alice Stack, James Cunningham, Grace Capaldi, Harry Morley

This session, hosted by music producer, audio engineer and accessibility consultant Jason
Dasent, brings together key players from across the music industry, all with a
passion for accessibility. The event will take the form of a discussion panel
focusing on the current state of accessibility as it relates to music technology, as well as how
we can work together to take it to the next level.

Topics that will be covered include: The advancements made by several music equipment
manufacturers in the last 2 years; how to inspire other music equipment manufacturers to
make their products and services accessible; marketing opportunities for companies that
make accessible products, and how we bridge the gap between able-bodied and
differently abled music industry practitioners, leading to more collaborations and
employment opportunities for professional differently abled practitioners.
The event will culminate in a 20-minute performance, showing the latest in accessible music
tech from keyboards to groove stations, to a fully accessible mixing system.

Throughout the conference, attendees are encouraged to visit the “Will You Be Next?”
Accessibility Zone, where they can meet software engineers and managers from a variety of
companies who are all already involved in accessible music tech. Visitors to the Accessibility Zone will be
invited to get hands-on with all the accessible equipment that will be on display. Attendees
will also be able to experience music production from recording to mastering, all with accessible equipment.

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