ADC Workshops take place on the first day of the conference (November 14) and will require the Workshops Day Add-on ticket for attendance. Learn more information on how to purchase a ticket.

Highlights of this year’s workshops include:

Practical Digital Signal Processing with Dynamic Cast

What is a digital audio signal? How do we generate them and in what ways can we manipulate and extract useful information from them? In this workshop we'll be exploring the life cycle of an audio signal from a continuous acoustic signal to a discrete digital signal. We'll explore practical methods for processing and shaping audio including: 

  • Sampling theory
  • Filtering 
  • Block vs sample-based processing 
  • Moving between the time and frequency domain

Solving GPU Audio Processing Challenges, Parallelizing DSp Algorithms and Executing for Real-Time Offline Rendering with GPU Audio

GPU based audio processing has long been considered something of a unicorn in both the Pro Audio industry as well as the GPU industry. The potential for utilizing a GPU’s parallel architecture is both exciting and elusive, due to the number of computer science issues related to working with sequential DSP algorithm design and the fundamental differences between MIMD and SIMD devices. Now possible, GPU-processed audio can offer processing power for any audio application that is orders of magnitude greater than CPU counterparts; fulfilling a cross-industry need that has quickly arisen as digital media content adopts AI, ML, Cloud-based collaboration, virtual modeling, simulated acoustics and immersive audio (to name a few). The state of research had previously concluded that because of heavy latencies and a myriad of computer science issues, DSP on GPUs was just not possible nor preferable. Recognizing the need to create a viable, low-level standard and framework for Real-Time professional GPU audio processing, GPU AUDIO INC set out to solve these fundamental problems.

The purpose of this workshop is to give you a hands-on experience for what GPU Audio processing solves, and what it can mean for your software and the future of audio. It is a taste of the GPU Audio SDK coming soon.

In this course you will learn about the fundamental problems solved by the new GPU Audio standard, go deeper into our core technology, and learn how to incorporate Real-Time/low latency DSP algorithms into your projects. You will participate in a deep-dive hands-on tutorial in building a simple processor, implementing your own IIR processor, measure performance and playback, and “take home” the code to build an FIR processor. All made possible by the GPU Audio Scheduler. 

Familiarity with DSP algorithms and designs
Familiarity with modern SWE tools (IDEs, Git, CI/CD)

Analog Circuit Modeling for Software Developers Using the Point-To-Point Library with Eric Tarr

During this workshop, participants will learn about digital modeling of analog circuits. This will be applied to the creation of several JUCE plug-ins. Traditional modeling techniques will be discussed along with the presentation of a circuit analysis library which automates the modeling process. This library, called "Point-To-Point Modeling," is intended for audio software developers interested in rapid prototyping and implementation of circuit modeling. Example JUCE plug-ins using the Point-To-Point library will be demonstrated, along with the process of quickly converting arbitrary schematics into C++ code.

  • Attendees should have some experience using JUCE

Generating Audio Code with Max/MSAP with Cycling ’74 

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All ADC 2022 keynotes, panels, and talks will be available to all attendees. In-person sessions will be broadcast live to online attendees and online sessions will be broadcast into the venue.

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